Gabriel Medina of Brazil wins The Tahiti Pro and is now in the 2018 title race

2018 Tahiti Pro Teahupoo

Gabriel Medina, Brazil has claimed victory on the weekend at The Tahiti Pro at Teahupo’o which is stop number 7 on the World Surf League – 2018 Men’s Championship Tour. An exciting day of finals action saw Medina take his first win of the 2018 season in clean three – five foot waves at the famed South Pacific reef pass. Medina’s victory moves him up from 3rd position to 2nd position on The Jeep Leader-Board 6,300 points behind current World Number 1 Filipe Toledo, of Brazil.

Australian surfer Owen Wright was on course to claim his first tour win of the 2018 season until a pivotal final exchange allowed Medina to snatch a 13.50 to 12.07 victory. In a game of cat and mouse, the 28 year old Australian held wave priority and dived into a wave to stop the Brazilian from scoring and improve his lead with a 5.57 point wave – score. But Medina also scored a ride on the very next wave, threading a clutch 7.53 tube ride to steal The Tahiti Pro Crown in the final two minutes. The Australian controlled the majority of the 40 minute final after leading the heat with his own impressive 6.50 barrel ride.

Wright’s runner up finish lifted him from 11th to sixth in the World Surf League standings, while Medina moved above Australian Julian Wilson to world number 2 behind compatriot Filepe Toledo.

2018 Tahiti Pro Teahupoo

The Tahiti Pro Men’s Final Results.

1. Gabriel Medina, Brazil, 13.50 points.


2. Owen Wright, Australia, 12.07 points.

2018 Tahiti Pro Teahupoo

The WSL Men’s Championship Tour Jeep LeaderBoard After Stop 7.

1. Filipe Toledo, Brazil,  41,985 points.

2. Gabriel Medina, Brazil, 35,685 points.

3. Julian Wilson, Australia, 32, 380 points.

For further information and news visit The World Surf League.



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