Big Wave Tour Pe’ahi Challenge In Hawaii Scores Massive 40+ Foot Waves

Peahi Challenge 2017

Page Alms Hawaii, and Ian Walsh of Hawaii have won The World Surf League – Big Wave Tour Pe’ahi Challenge last weekend in towering 30 – 40 foot plus conditions at the world famous surf break Pe’ahi in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.

The second event of of the 2017 / 2018 Big Wave Tour tested the top big wave chargers as a solid swell delivered massive surf over two days at Pe’ahi  with wave faces exceeding 45 feet. Event officials have rated this year’s Pe’ahi Challenge a Gold coefficient the highest Big Wave Tour rating, which will allocate 15,625 points to first place.

Pe'ahi Challenge 2017

Ian Walsh – Hawaii wins the 2017 World Surf League Pe’ahi Challenge

2017 / 2018 BWT Men’s Pe’ahi Challenge Final Placings.

1. Ian Walsh, Hawaii. 21.67 points.

2. Billy Kemper, Hawaii. 18.57 points.

3. Makuaki Rothman, Hawaii. 18.46 points.

4. Kai Lenny, Hawaii. 18.26 points.

5. Greg Long, USA. 14.67 points.

6. Ryan Hipwood, Australia. 6.60 points.

Pe'ahi Challenge 2017

Ian Walsh Of Hawaii 2017 Winner

– The Pe’ahi Challenge.

2017 / 2018 BWT Women’s Big Wave Tour Pe’ahi Challenge.

1. Page Alms, Hawaii. 21.23 points.

2. Keala Kennelly, Hawaii. 17.21 points.

3. Justine Dupont, France. 14.36 points.

4. Bianca Valenti, USA. 10.86 points.

5. Andrea Moller, Brazil. 6.41 points.

6. Felicity Palmateer, Australia. 4.54 points.




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