The Van’s US Open Of Surfing Get’s Underway



Women's VANS US Open of Surfing

Johanne Defay, Of France Kicks Off Her US Open Campaign With A Round 1 Victory


The Van’s USA Open Of Surfing kicked off at Huntington Beach in California, with Women’s Round 1 and Round 2 action in clean four – five foot waves.

The opening day of competition saw impressive performances from the top women’s surfers on the world tour and it was the French woman who stole the show with top scores. The 2015 Van’s US Open women’s winner Johanne Defay, France, dominated the opening heat of Round 1 with the highest two wave score of the day, a commanding 17.00 out of a possible twenty points. Defay fired off an excellent 8.00 wave score then backed it up with another 9.00 which was the highest single wave score of the day. Defay’s sharp and focused small wave competitive attack forced her other female competitors Carissa Moore, Hawaii and Silvana Lima of Brazil to surf again in elimination Round 2.

Women's VANS US Open of Surfing

Current world number 2 Sally Fitzgibbons, Australia, found her rhythm among the pumping surf conditions at the Huntington Beach lineup with a win in Round 1 – heat 4. Fitzgibbons gained an early lead with a 7.00 wave score to fend off 2016 Rookie Of The Year – Keely Andrew from Australia.

Women's VANS US Open of Surfing

Women's VANS US Open of Surfing

Women's VANS US Open of Surfing

The event swell forecast is for a fun run of waves on tap through the back half of the event window. S / SSE swell from the southern hemisphere eases. A reinforcing blend of S / SSE and S / SSW swells level off by Friday and through to the final weekend of the event. Winds remain favourable for the mornings but we will see the return of moderate Westerly sea breezes in the afternoons.

The Van’s US Open Of Surfing will resume tomorrow morning. You can checkout The US Open of Surfing for more information on upcoming women’s and men’s rounds live from Huntington Beach in California, USA or tune in to watch some of the Skateboarding and BMX action sports highlights.




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