A New Master Plan For Western Australia Mountain Biking Regions


Priority bike trail sites in the Perth Hills, Wungong and Dwellingup area’s were identified in a master plan released this week by the Western Australian Environment Minister – Stephen Dawson and Western Australia Sport and Recreation Minister – Mick Murray. The push to transform Western Australia into an international mountain biking destination received a significant boost with the release of the Perth & Peel Mountain Bike Master Plan.

The new plan proposed the expansion of the current network on nine trail sites from 125 kilometres to 575 kilometres spread across 24 trail sites. The plan encourages people to get outdoors and participate in one of the world’s fastest growing sports, but it will also identify major opportunities to create trail towns in Western Australia. Creating more urban and bushland trails that are easy to access from metropolitan areas will not only encourage local participation but open up new tourism and economic opportunities for the State of Western Australia.

The Perth and Peel regions of the state include some of the most unique and picturesque landscapes in the world. For people seeking land based tourism adventures this region will inspire people to come and visit. The aim of the new project is to provide exceptional experiences for mountain bikers while also protecting the natural environment by creating a diverse mix of trails and mountain biking centres.

The plan was developed by WestCycle, with support coming from the Western Australian Government, Lotterywest and the Western Australia Mountain Bike Association.

For further information in regards to the details of the plan you are welcome to visit.




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