Small Business Tips – Take Care On Social Media


The Consumer Protection Authority Of Australia is a proud sponsor of Fraud Watch and it aims to help social media users learn how to spot a scam.

Social Media profiles often display a lot of personal information, such as your photos, where you have been lately, a record of life events, who you’re connected to and more. All of these details give scammers the flexibility to shape their methods and communications to match your interests and use of social media.

It can tell the difference between genuine profiles or ads on social media and the fake profiles or bogus traders you may encounter.

So Here Are Some Social Media Tips.

– Check the profile of new friend requests. Look out for newly created profiles with limited content. Hidden friends lists or friends lists full of people of the opposite gender. Profiles that read like a description you would find on a dating website. Grammar and spelling errors. A profile you thought you were friends with – is it a cloned account. A profile of someone you have never met and do not know.

– Be cautious when sharing personal pictures, or videos with someone you have never met and do not know.

– People may be able to see more about you than you realise on social media. Be careful who you connect with and learn how to use privacy and security settings.

– If you have been scammed on-line, take steps to secure your account and be sure to report the conduct to the platform.

– Be sceptical if your asked to send money. Transferring funds to someone you only know on-line could mean the money is going towards criminal activity.

– Look at reviews and does the company have a strong business profile, how long have they been in business operation.

– Check the website URL for example are you redirected to the genuine website of the trader.

– If the product does not arrive, contact your bank or financial institution ASAP.

– Visit nationally run Scam Watch website in Australia or your chosen country for further information.



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