Skateboarding Hall Of Fame 2017 Ceremony


On Friday May 12th, 2017 skateboarders from far and wide descended on the City National Grove in Anaheim for the 8th Annual Induction Ceremony and Icon awards for the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame.

This year the new batch of members joining the past exclusive club included Bob Mohr, Gregg Weaver, Russ Howell, Shogo Kubo, Kim Cespedes, Vicki Vickers, Mike McGill, Eric Dressen and Daewon Song. The Icon Award recipients came in the form of Sonia Catalano for her 40 years of dedication to CASL. Jim Phillips for his lifetime of artwork through Santa Cruz skateboards and NHS. While Thrasher Skate Magazine was also an Icon Award recipient for nearly four decades of Skate and Destroy mayhem.


Over the last 8 years this event has evolved to celebrate and bring together generations of skateboarders from across the globe to recognize and solidify our shared history and highlight the key roots and branches that continue to make skateboarding one of the best leisure activities on the planet.




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