The Only Way To Qualify Dew Skate Tour June – 2017


For the first time ever The Dew Tour is giving skateboarders everywhere the opportunity to compete in Long Beach, California by using the Podium Skate – App. Podium Skate has a new app created by CA Productions. That allows skaters to upload their footage and be ranked by pro judges for a chance to be invited to The Dew Event on June 15th – 18th. 2017.

This will be the only way to participate in this years Dew Tour Am contest this year, so what are you waiting for, get cracking.

There Are Two Dew Tour / Am Divisions.

1.Dew Tour Am / Bowl.

2. Dew Tour Am / Street Qualifications.

The format runs like this.

For The Dew Tour / Am Bowl competition, the user will upload. One fluid bowl – transition run up to 45 seconds long, with no music or graphics.

For Dew Tour Am / Street qualifications, they will upload one clip including three tricks – 1 tech, 1 rail, 1 gap. Street clips can be filmed anywhere from parks to street and must be less than 45 seconds long with no music or graphics in presentation.

After the public scoring round, the Podium / Dew Tour Pro judging panel will score the top submissions and determine the final rankings.

About – Podium Skate …

It is a brand new platform that allows users, sponsors, and pros to focus solely on skateboarding. Subscribers will have the ability to upload their own videos and view other video submissions directly from their mobile device, highlighting local talent, featured skaters and their favourite pros.

For further information go to –



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