Owen Wright & Stephanie Gilmour Winners 2017 – Quicksilver / Roxy Pro


Chaired away from the water by his brother and sister after a scarcely believable victory at The Quicksilver Pro – Owen Wrights sunglasses could not hide his emotions. The 27 year old surfer from New South Wales competed in his first world surf league tour event since a devastating brain injury he suffered in Hawaii during December 2015.

That he was there would have been enough for his loved ones after his struggles with memory loss and other skills in the past 15 months. But it was not enough for the scriptwriters. His fairy tale comeback at The Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast climaxed yesterday  in the final against his good friend and fellow countryman Matt Wilkinson.

Wright won, but Wilkinson didn’t seem to mind losing The Quicksilver Pro as much as he normally might. Matt Wilkinson was at Pipeline in Hawaii on the day Wright sustained his brain injury at the famous surfing break. He came in from surfing and felt really weird and couldn’t really speak, Wilkinson said at the time.

One year ago this week, Wright posted a photo of himself at the beach on social media with a poignant caption. I went for my first surf a couple of days ago, he said it was the funniest thing in the world. Funny thing is I couldn’t get to my feet, so I just laid there. The waves were about knee high in size and the drop was like well there was none, but it felt like  I was dropping into a ten foot wave at Teahpoo.

Owen Wright heads to Margaret River, in Western Australia next week to compete at The Margaret River Pro as the world’s number one ranked surfer.


Stephanie Gilmour – Australia, 16.60 points completed another sweeping victory at The Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast yesterday, as she defeated American – Lakey Petersen, 12.66 points and Stephanie has started her year on the women’s 2017 world surf tour with her eyes now focused on another  world title championship.


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