Surf Trip Adventures In Java, Indonesia

To be able to travel to a favourite sand bottom left hand pointbreak  in East Java requires plenty of planning in advance. As it is a 10 – 15 hour road trip journey from central Java to the east coast of Java. Normally in the build up to a trip like this, some prior contact is made to local surfers who live in the area to get feedback on the current shape of the sand banks in the region and recent swell reports. Otherwise it is a long way to go, travel on dangerous highways, spending time on the road in a hire car and wasting valuable money on petrol and other associated travel expenses.

Prior to our trip we had experienced a really strong wet season in Indonesia and we thought this would be perfect for the sand banks in the region we were thinking of heading to. All of that rainwater washes down from the mountains and pushes sand out from the rivermouth to form an awesome 350 metres – 500 metres sand bottom left hand point break. When you also combine a full moon, high tides and a strong 3 metre – 4 metre swell you can be safe in knowing that the surfing conditions for this region are coming together perfectly. Adding to that, the water temperature will be cold in the rivermouth and the water and wave colour at the pointbreak will be chocolate in appearance. This just adds some spice to the overall surf trip experience.

So for a 7 day surf trip, we organised to stay at a local bed and breakfast and hired motorbikes so we could also check out other waves in the region away from the point break that seemed to break best on an afternoon low tide. So you have the option of surfing beachbreaks or reefbreaks on full tides in the morning or afternoon low tide sessions at the sandbottom pointbreak.

After two long surf sessions a day it is nice knowing, that there a plenty of warungs in the area that sell cheap traditional Indonesian food. From satay chicken or beef to traditional Indonesian rice and noodle dishes. The language is Sundanese in this area of East Java and not bahasa Indonesian – The National Language Of Indonesia – So it also helps to know some basic language. Especially if you wish to have a hot shower in the evening or require urgent medical attention.

Overall there are plenty of good waves to be found in Indonesia, it just requires some general planning especially if you wish to surf isolated waves in remote regions away from the big Indonesian cities.

Selamat Jalan …








A big thankyou to Asep, Deni, Didin, Julian and Tim. All photos courtesy of SSR Surfboards – Pangandaran, Indonesia.


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