Earthquake In Indonesia’s Aceh Province Returns

Rescuers are still searching the rubble for survivors after an earthquake in Indonesia’s Banda Aceh province this morning. At least 52 people were killed, and no tsunami has been reported according to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency.

The shallow 6.5 magnitude earthquake damaged many homes, shops and mosques, in the district of Pidle Jaya, some of which had been completely destroyed. The earthquake struck as many residents were preparing for early morning prayers.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered immediate aid assistance to be sent to Aceh in the wake of the earthquake. The Aceh province in North Sumatra is no stranger to natural disasters. In 2004 more than 100,000 people were killed on Boxing Day after a tsunami swept across the Indonesian region, leaving millions homeless. The earthquake measured 9 . 1 – 9 . 3  and tsunami, created serious wide spread damage throughout South East Asia. The combination of a major earthquake and tsunami also sent international aid from all over the world to coastal regions in South East Asia to assist in disaster relief.

Our thought’s and well wishes go out to the community in Aceh and the people of Sumatra also to the local Banda Aceh surfing community after today’s earthquake, we hope for a speedy recovery …














Some photos of the Banda Aceh region in Sumatra, Indonesia during 2008 after the region was re – open again to surf tourism after the 2004 tsunami.

All Photos From Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures

Promotional Surf Trip Archive

Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

May 2008.


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