Mike Stewart Inducted – Nazare Hall Of Fame Award




Having ridden bodyboards since the inception of the sport, Mike Stewart is the most experienced bodyboarder on the World Tour. He has won the annual Banzai Pipeline event a record 11 times, from which 9 earned him the World Title. He has been crowned the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic –  Champion a record 15 times. He is the only bodyboarder to have competed in the Banzai Pipeline event since 1982. He has been awarded the title Mr Pipeline for being the best wave rider of any kind, the only non stand up surfer to achieve this accolade.

Along with fellow bodyboarder Ben Severson, Stewart pioneered surfing at Teahupo’o in the late 1980’s. This location has since become a premier global big wave surfing destination on the World Surf League tour.

Now Mike has been awarded for his achievement of pioneering surfing at Nazare in Portugal since 2009 and has been inducted into the Nazare Hall Of Fame awarded by the surfing community of Portugal.

Congratulations to Mike Stewart on his recent award a legendary waterman.


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