The Lonely Entrepreneur – Think Again


People tend to think of entrepreneurs as go it alone heroes, but this is not how it works in real life. Many live up to their reputations as risk takers and some remain outsiders, but despite this status, entrepreneurs need support to be successful. In fact, we are like Formula One drivers, the person in the cockpit gets all the glory while fans tend to forget about the pit crews and all the behind the scenes effort it takes to keep the engines running and car and driver on track. The engine that keeps whole national economies on track is driven by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Together they create jobs, fuel growth and ultimately, transform communities. This means it’s vital that governments, investors and educators find ways to harness this energy source. It also means that encouraging entrepreneurs to start again when a business fails is fundamental to a healthy economy.


To help change the world, we need to nurture young people interested in business to develop entrepreneurial spirit – not an easy task. Universities and Colleges can teach some skills, but I think that most budding entrepreneurs would be better off relying on an informal network of coaches, and mentors who have the experience and expertise needed to coax them forward. I myself at Planet Blue Action Sports Consultancy rely on an amazing team of advisers, managers and fellow entrepreneurs to help me run Planet Blue Action Sports.


In business there is no substitute for experience. So if you’re an entrepreneur, get on with it. If you have achieved success in business, think about giving back to the community by mentoring some promising entrepreneurs. Who knows they might become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.




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