In recent times JS Industries has become one of the most known and respected names in the world of performance surfboards. Jason Stevenson – Founder, Owner and Shaper has built the company from the ground up and his talents and love of surfing have gained him global recognition and some strong relationships with a world class team of loyal surfers.  The iconic logo has been under the feet of a huge number of elite surfers over the years including four world champions and many more top 32 contenders.

JS work in 2016 is at it’s absolute best, with the designs encompassing all of the innovations and improvements developed by the team and world champions over the past half decade. JS is incredibly excited about the future of surfing and will be there to see it progress.


Adrian Buchan – Tavarua Island,  Fiji


Sally Fitzgibbons – Bells Beach,  Australia


Dusty Payne – In Brazil


Julian Wilson New Quiver For South Africa World Champion Tour Event – July 2016

13041442_10154021518156544_4371075163012598365_o (1)

JS – Monsta 6 Model


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