The Chosen Path To Making It Happen


Australian skateboarders are holding it down and going hell for leather. So many of the countries finest have put in the hard yards to eventually have their talent realised and fulfil the dream of being paid to shred. To rise to prominence in skateboarding, on an international level, requires repetitive trips to the United States. There’s no two ways about it. California is the skateboard industries epicentre  and home to the lion’s share of the big name brands. Australian amateurs having a crack at it must be prepared for a perpetual cycle. Racking up passport stamps and talking jive at the customs counter to gain entry on the 90 day tourist visa. Six months if their lucky.

This essential process to go – pro is more inherent to Dave Burman than any other Australian skateboarder of the past five years. After seven or eight trips over the Pacific his determination never waned. Dane funded his own flights regularly instead of waiting around for an invitation to fall from the sky. The majority of the time his sponsors probably would have taken care of it, but if Burman’s  got enough money to burn on a ticket he’s out of here. His unremitting assault while skating abroad with his Zero teammates has seen him go all the way to signature status. If that’s not enough, he’s vying for last part of the looming Zero video.

This blog post is replete for skateboarders who are aspiring to roll down the same route as Dane – the same path several Australian legends have rolled before him. To see their name screened on a deck and a salary in their bank. It is a rigorous road, but a rewarding one at that. Australia’s top dogs have firmly entrenched themselves as some of the best skateboarders on the planet, and we are proud of them all.

Editorial Credit – Trent Fahey





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