Action Sports Profile – Julian Groom

A Career Snapshot – Julian Groom has been employed in the action sports industries for over 25 years in surf, skate and snow via Australasia, North America and Europe



Julian Groom Free Surfing in Rote, Timor – Indonesia


My background involvement within the Action Sports Industry is in Brand Consultancy. Over 25 years experience in Australia and on an International basis and during this period of time I have managed various roles on behalf of Small Business clients in Brand Management, Manufacturing, Retail Management, Sales / Marketing and Business Administration / Financial Advice.

Julian brings with him a wealth of expertise and in – depth understanding of the Action Sports Market. Passionate about what he does, Julian’s superb negotiation skills, infectious enthusiasm and proactive approach has earned him a huge amount of repeat and referral business. Meeting customers needs and delivering value for money for his clients is the key to building successful International business relationships.

It has been quite a journey as I started my employment in this industry after finishing competing on the APSA – Australian Pro / Am Surf Tour back in the late 1980’s and found myself sweeping the factory floors at my sponsors surfboard factory.

So from these humble beginnings, it has been a step by step career pathway to employment in the Action Sports Industries. Today I am happily married with two young children and based in Java, Indonesia and I am involved in International Brand Consultancy contract employment.

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