Flashback – Done Deal Demos

12888760_10153585350936588_5286381085408834318_oIt goes without saying that having the calibre of pro skaters that we did on this Four Star Tour there was no doubt that some epic skating was going down at the demos.

Five Thrasher Skater Of The Year Winners on the trip, including Ishod Wair. The first Four Star demo was in Saint Kilda and it went nuts. There were swarms of people trying to find a suitable vantage point to watch the all – star Fourstar team kill it. It’s an all – transition park, but that didn’t seem to affect the level of skating at all. Guy’s like Shane O’Neill and Andrew Brophy are known for their amazing street skills, but they both showed the crowd what was up. Everyone blazed at the demo. People were flipping out watching TNT and Max Schaaf skate the big bowl, and then going even more ballistic seeing street shredders  like Cory Kennedy and Ishod totally rip the bowl a new one.

We didn’t have the best luck with the Sydney and Gold Coast demos. Sydney was submerged after bucketing down all day before the demo and Waterloo was still soaked upon arrival. A few of the guys did some wet moves , but most just kicked it with the crowd and threw out a heap of product for them.

The Pizzey demo was dry on arrival, but as fate would have it, the rain came as soon as the team rolled on to the concrete. Fortunately it was not to heavy and the crew skated through it as they did not want to disappoint the fans. They were also really keen to shred. Within half an hour the park began to dry and some amazing skating went down especially Mike Carroll’s nose manual nollie flip into the bank. He also found Rome Torti in the crowd to meet him and say hi before getting mobbed by kids. Mike had been an inspiration and legend to Rome when he was a young fella. Rome was there on his first skate outing since his brain surgery so the Four- Star Pizzy skate demo was dedicated to him.

Backtracking a little, and the Canberra demo was pretty funny. The team arrived over an hour and a half late as we had driven straight from Melbourne. The local louts like Cons and his Crew were heckling hard, as they’re renowned for, but thank god Belco has lights. The guys all skated super good  and the crowd from our Capital City were stoked. Con’s was having a ball and he got to focus Kostons deck with his bare feet. He also scored a Fourstar umbrella, which should have been saved for the Sydney and Gold Coast demos.

The last demo of the tour was Coorparoo in Brisbane and the turnout was spectacular. The weather was perfect, there were people as far as the eye could see, and the crowd gave it their all. The skating went off, especially from Shane, who won the demo with his super tech trickery. By the end of the demo everyone was stoked. So to wrap up the tour it was then time for a few XXXX beers for the crew. So that’s it for this years demo tour presented by Fourstar Clothing ..

Flashback – Slam Skateboarding Magazine June / July – Issue 200.

Editorial Feature – Fourstar Skateboard Demo Tour Australia With Anthony Mapstone






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