Russell Bierke Wins Red Bull Cape Fear

After two straight days of unbelievably intense action, Red Bull Cape Fear has come to a close for 2016. There is one man left standing and his name is Russell Bierke. The event this year had been like no other surf event in history. On day one Cape Fear was maxing out, a lot of the competitors said that it was by far the biggest the infamous break had ever been surfed. The athletes all knew the risk, but they deemed it worthy of the reward.

From the moment the horn blew all 16 invitees were ready to go. Taking risks pulling in and putting it all on the line. It was a degree of sheer guts, courage and talent that surfing has never seen before.

In the Final Heat Of The Day – Ryan Hipwood, James Adams, Kobby Abberton and Russell Bierke took it all before them. To top it off Russell stitched it up with a perfect 10.

Congratulations to Russell Bierke -Red Bull Cape Fear 2016 Winner.

Russell Bierke – Red Bull Cape Fear – Winner 2016 …


All Eyes Are On The Red Bull Cape Fear Big Wave Event


Amazing Waves


Massive Tubes On Offer To The Red Bull Competitors


The Red Bull Big Wave – Contest Location – Cape Fear



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