A Book Review – MP Untold

Australia’s Surfing Cult Hero Lived Two Lives

In the 1970’s ‘M P’ became the best surfer in the world, an electric lash of rockstar looks and rockstar habits, but with a pathological aversion to rockstar fame. But MP died on the night of 10th August 1983, when his schizophrenia caught up with him and his years of institutionalisation began. Emerging from the other side was Michael Peterson, a quite, complex soul who lived with his mother and sat under a mango tree every morning, communing with the voices inside his head.

In 2004 Sean Doherty wrote a best selling biography of Michael Peterson that laid his incredible story bare. Over the years that followed, and especially after Michael’s death in 2012, hundreds of people – family, friends, surfstars and complete strangers – contacted Doherty with stories never before shared. Stories that spoke of the man, not the legend. Stories of Michael not MP.

Now Doherty has compiled these stories, anecdotes and tributes, completing the picture of one of surfing’s most talented but tragic figures. Also featuring classic and unseen images of Peterson, along with photographs and letters from his family’s private collection. MP untold presents Australian surfing’s most fascinating champion in the words of those who knew him best.

Available From All Good Book Stores – Written By Sean Doherty.

About The Author.

Sean Doherty’s first surf was at Burgess Beach thirty three years ago, and his most recent was at Winkipop yesterday. In between, he’s written ten books, edited Tracks Magazine for eight years and worked as a pro tour commentator. He is currently a senior writer at Surfing World and Surfer Magazines. He writes about surfing for a living because nobody will pay him to surf.


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