Shoe Dog – A Memoir By The Creator Of Nike Phil Knight

In 1970, former college track athlete Phil ‘Buck’ Knight had to fly to Japan once again to protect his then fledgling athletic shoe importing company. Blue Ribbon Sport’s which was successfully selling the Tiger brand – Japanese track shoes made by Onitsuka Company but with special style modifications to the American market.

During this period of time Knights thoughts started to think about building another athletic shoe brand. Designer Carolyn Davidson invented the famous Swoosh logo – for which she was paid just US $35.

Bob Johnson who was the East Coast – USA sales representative for Blue Ribbon Sports came up with the name of Nike – after the Greek goddess of victory.

Phil Knight was not crazy about the logo or the brand name but settled.

Famous Last Words

Then there was one other fateful development, they become inspired by the gridded pattern on waffle irons. Knight saw this as a new kind of sole for Nike Shoes.

The Rest Is History …

This is an edited extract from Shoe Dog by Phil Knight published by Simon & Schuster Australia available in stores.



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