Lost Surfboards Team Rider Kolohe Andino gives some positive feedback on his favourite surfboard at present. The 2016 – Pocket Rocket Model to Surfboard Designer Matt Biolas from Lost Surfboards.

The Pocket Rocket shaped by Matt Biolas is the culmination of work with many World Surf League surfers primarily Kolohe Andino. After a stellar start on the 2015 World Qualifying Series with a win at The Australian Open Kolohoe’s momentum had slowed by mid – season. He was ready to try some different curves under his feet. Some examples of alternative curves Lost were supplying other World Surf League Surfers with success one in particular code name WLG.

The board featured a moderate continuous rocker, with no flip or break and more curve in the centre of the board. Kolohe has always preferred surfboards with built in drive and a little extra surface area and volume. A deep concave and curvy rail rocker, work well to provide lift and pop even in small sloppy surf. The conservative overall rocker and outline lends itself for a feeling of confidence when pushed hard in good powerful waves as well as being fun to ride in small snappy beach breaks.

After being ridden in a variety of waves on The World Surf League Tour the results started to come for Kolohoe Andino and the Pocket Rocket Model. Kolohoe believes this would also make a great board for surfers looking for a modern high performance surfboard based on the feedback from competitive surfers.







I remember during the year of 2000 / 2001 being employed as a Sales / Representative and working for Australian Surfboard Company Powershapes who were based on the northern beaches of Sydney in Brookvale. The company used to manufacture over 120 surfboards a week and among the Brands that it represented were Lost Surfboards from USA among others. The Lost surfboards were designed by master Australian shaper Col Ladhams.

Powershapes Label Representative Of

– Greg Webber Designs

– Colin Ladhams Surf Designs

– Luke Short Designs

– Element

– Lost

– Black Fly’s


– Feisty Girl Surfboards

– Big Island Longboards

– Positive Skateboards

Our domestic sales trips from Sydney to Perth were a lot of fun. We used to have a quiver of Lost surfboards to show new surf store accounts throughout Western Australia including a demo 5.10 Lost Fish inspired by Corey Lopez and a 6.2 small wave surfboard inspired by Chris Ward. Our Lost booty giveaway included Lost t,shirts,  board shorts, caps, stickers and posters. Peter ‘Muddy’ Waters who was The Lost Agent in Western Australia at the time, was blown away when I  rocked up with 6 new Lost Surfboards for our promotional  surf shop tour. These surfboards also included all of the latest Posca Artwork which Lost was famous for at the time. It was a great sales trip as we opened 15 new store accounts in Western Australia and helped lay the foundation for the brand to be introduced to Western Australian surfers.





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