Giant Surf On The March

By the time the weather bureau had issued a warning about dangerous surf conditions on Western Australia’s south coast, the big wave surfers were already on their way. Like red rags to bulls the rare combination of big swells and offshore winds had them hitting the phones to organise jet ski riders to tow them into, some of the world’s heaviest waves.

The surfing community is passionate about keeping secret spots, secret. Suffice to say, anyone who knows about Australian Big Wave Surfing knows about the giant slab of a wave that sits off the bottom of the WA coastline. Surfers who tackle the wave know a mistake could end in injury or death.

Esperance surfer Shanan Worrall had the ride of his life early on Monday the 16 th of May when the swell was at it’s peak. Western Australian swell data shows wave heights at the Albany buoy rose to 6.5 metres when he was in the water. It was Worrall’s biggest wave and it ended in his biggest wipe out. He can look back upon it now and laugh …

Paul – Antman –  Patterson totally committed to this drop

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