Business Spotlight – Superbrand Surfboards, Apparel

Superbrand was founded in 2008 with team riders Dion Agus, Clay Marzo and Ry Craike it’s all about progression. By joining a team of young innovative surfboard designers – The Superbrand – Shapers Collective with a skate influenced aesthetic and full board graphics set new standards of excellence in the surfboard industry with roots firmly placed in surf culture. Superbrand creates unique pieces that are forward thinking and fulfil the wants, needs ideology and vision of the youth and beyond. They make quality surfboards, and on – trend apparel that is relevant to both surf and fashion circles.

In June 2010 Superbrand launched it’s first Apparel Collection an assortment that followed the youthful progressive, high quality aesthetic of the Brand with the bones in place, distribution carefully grew to core markets and fine boutiques in the USA, Australia and selected other regions.

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13048210_10154174469769540_2749425292139480083_o (1)
Superbrand Surfboards
Superbrands Surfboards – Test Pilot – Clay Marzo
Superbrand Surfboards – Artwork Dazzle
Fresh From The Factory
Superbrand Surfboards / Apparel
The World Is Super




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